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Rose Laurens - Biographie

I was the first Victor Hugo’s virtual singing daughter.

Africa became my performance Eldorado;

While many were showing me their love, shortly back from NYC, life stroke

me hard breaking my artistic family.

But now, I am back with my DNA in order. Sure, I needed the support of plural composing exceptional talents to surf of the alchemy of moving lyrics

written by a famous French humorist.

Let’s share, but, first… Guess who am I ?


I was born in Paris, I have been living in Paris since always, which makes me a genuine a true Parisian as my friends are used to say ! I was born in a family whom for music yet had an essential place. My paternal grandfather was a violinist at the Opera of Warsaw and I must confess that my father had a very beautiful tenor voice which enabled me to be familiarized very early with any style of music provided that It made me shiver.


But in spite of my ten years in classical piano, I « turned wrong ». After studies at the Victor Hugo high school (A coincidence? …) and getting finally my High Scool diplomat at the Institute of the Eastern Languages and Civilisations. This made me too a serious teanager.

But not for long: Quickly I moved to a free style of life of an acrobat with music at its center place: While my comrades were studying conscientiously, I was dreaming that I was singing, singing and singing.


Then I started being the soloist of the first French progressive rock group, Sandrose, which gave the occasion to work with great French musicians such as Georges Rodi and Jean-Pierre Alarcen, one of our best guitarists ever. Alas, in spite of dithyrambic criticisms in the British press (the songs were in English), as music was not feeding us, we held only two years, and then vanished away.


I met then with Michel Berger and Véronique Sanson. Michel wanted me to sign a seven year contract and write songs for me after having heard a model of my songs. I kept from this meeting some moving recordings, Michel and Veronique playing piano for me. And William Sheller came…


But my fate was elsewhere…


When Claude-Michel Shönberg was hopelessly looking for his Fantine for the recording of the initial “Les Misérables”, I had just met the man who was to change the course of my life: Composer Jean-Pierre Goussaud.


At that time, the same record model was circulating, to finally end its route at Claude-Michel’s. He called me to carry out some tests at his place. He did elect me as his Fantine ! But what about the stage performance ? Indeed, “Les Misérables” were going to be shown for the first time ever in the world at the « Palais des Sports » in Paris.


An audition was scheduled with Director Robert Hossein: I rushed to participate. But when I arrived and I saw the number of folks around trying to get the part, I wished I came back home as soon as possible,. However my turn finally came.I was trembling,. Stage Director Robert Hossein suddenly howled: She is Fantine ! I remember my call to my mother when I shouted: “I am Fantine! ” And every evening on stage for the first time ever I felt in was in my element playing my part, and singing for the first time in the world the native genuine version of « I dreamed a dream » (and he never translated “Air of Misery” with kind of an active support of 80 the classical musicians of the Orchestra.


At the beginning of 2015, on the occasion of a France Musique Radio show dedicated to Musicals,« Les Miserables »’s composer Claude Michel Sch öenbeg said : everywhere around the world where « Les Misérables » have been shown on stage, for every local performer of these songs, Rose was THE reference for Fantine.


This is not just a souvenir. It is part of myself. Meanwhile, Jean-Pierre works on my first album: “Misunderstanding” including … “Africa”, the only song which was not supposed to be even a single. But … « Africa » changed our lives, our German friends asked for the English International version, and then not only was « Africa » first out of the Top in France ‘ (platinized), but also in Scandinavia, Germany, Spain, “Top of the Pops” in England, etc… Millions were sold.


Stage tours followed with Daniel Balavoine’s musicians.


Then came my second album, “Vivre” recorded in English with the same focus of interests in European territories, among which Italy, with a wonderful piece of show at the Arena in Verona along with Al Jaro and Robin Gibb.


My third CD, cames then : “Write your life on me”, with Yves Simon, my friend Yves Duteil and Francis Cabrel (who had then never written lyrics for a woman).


Francis wrote “Quand tu pars”, magically turned into « American Love » for English speaking territories, which which lead me to the USA,.. In NYC I performed an exclusive show at « The Saint » for thousands of New Yorkers My passport had been «The Mis» thanks to Broadway’s fama, but my performance in NYC was litterally captured by my friends of the Gay community who made « American Love » one of their anthems.

I still wonder how I could survive the thousands of roses they gently threw at me.


Back in Paris, I enjoyed my first exclusive performance at the Olympia, a theater I was used to go to with my father when I was a teen ; unfortunately, Daddy was not anymore on the earth when I stared there.
Sad also, so sad, when Jean Pierre could just finalize my next CD « J’te prêterai jamais » when courageously fighting his illness, but he passed away and joined my best friend Marc Strawzynski, who wrote son many beautiful lyrics for me.


On that CD, Jean-Jacques Goldman offered to write on Jean-Pierre’s notes the lyrics of « L’absence ».


Black hole : the curtain falls, I stop my carreer …


But years later, Love comes back in my life.


Rose, Rose do not give up, fight! » Christian says;

Does it not sound like in Titanic?


Shortly after the millemenium, while he is in the States, entering the Bullock Center in LA, « American Love » invades his ears. The week after, he gets « a 5 minute appointment » at Geffen Records, which turns into a 3 hour session.


A deal is on its way to the pen. Head of A&R at Geffen is overwelmed by the tessitura of Rose’s voice (« … only one precedent in the US, he says» . I must come and live in L.A. But Christian as well. His professional activities will not allow it… Lastima !


But my passion for music irrigates my life again.


“Envie” was an occasion to come back thanks to my friend Jacques Cardona, from Toulouse, and Louis Chedid’s music.


After a new stage performance in a musical in Paris at Mogador… my present comes in through my unexpected meeting with French humorist Pierre Palmade, whose talents an author – a lyrics writter – are worth being disclosed !


Without Pierre, “D.N.A.” my latest CD would not have been born. His incredible and moving talent made it.


Non standard lyrics in an exceptional and diverse universe of musical compositions (F.Bernheim, E.Dimicoli, NR.Meudec, R. Bensimon, J.L. Boidin).


I am so impatient to share the continuation with you.


Let’s surf on these words and notes.

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